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The equipment supplied by GreenLine Hydraulics & Automation has a standard manufacturer's warranty, which assumes that the equipment meets the requirements of technical documentation throughout the warranty period, provided that the consumer complies with the conditions of transportation, storage, and operation of the equipment.

General Provisions

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of shipment of products from the warehouse of GreenLine Hydraulics & Automation

All goods purchased from GreenLine Hydraulics & Automation are covered by a factory warranty.

The proof of the guarantee is a bill of lading or a universal delivery document of the supplier.

The warranty period is extended in case of a complaint (from the moment of its submission to the commissioning of the equipment or elimination of inconsistencies in the technical documentation).

The warranty is provided to the Buyer that purchases the equipment and cannot be transferred to a third party.

The consumer is deprived of the right to warranty repairs in the presence of visible mechanical damage to the outer casing, as well as in the case of using switching and connection means (wires, brackets, etc.) not provided for by the operating manual, as well as unregulated working fluids.

Pre-sales check and customization

The goods are tested without fail before leaving the manufacturer, and all its main functions are subject to verification.